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The Living Bomb
The Living Bomb
The Living Bomb is a creature that has been around as long as anyone can remember. Nobody can recall how it came to be or why it is in the first place, but the one detail that anyone can agree on is that they are probably one of the most irritating monsters ever witnessed.
Before their curious transformation, living bombs were rotund in shape, looking akin to fireballs thanks to their shape and their propensity for fire. This is the source of not only their name, but also the many nicknames this monster is known under, such as Grenade and Balloon.
Recently, however, changes to the monster caused by the state of magical flux our world is in has caused the Living Bomb to have a much more attractive shape, now more resembling a ravishing woman made of fire rather than a round ball of flames. This, in addition to the changes explained below, have caused numerous people, particularly those with childish senses of humor to give them a new nickname of “Lovely Boobs
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The Pink-Eyed Bridezilla
The Bridezilla is probably one of the most curious creatures in the fact that while they are one of the most potentially dangerous beings due to their sheer size and strength, they are also quite possibly the sweetest and most gentle “monsters” alive.
They were originally created one day when her majesty Queen Barbie had a misunderstanding involving the term Bridezilla, believing it to be an actual bridal kaiju monster, instead of referring to brides that had become spoiled enough as to behave like aforementioned kaiju. Therefore, upon her request and some unusual happenstance later, her head maid, Mimi, was responsible for creating the world’s first Bridezilla.
Interestingly enough, despite being named after the reptilian kaiju that inspired its form, Bridezillas come in a wide variety of subspecies, based on the various kinds of known kaiju including insectoid, dragonic, plant-like, and mechanical.
True to the name, however, Bridezillas are indeed humanoid monster w
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Bestiary Foreword
By Reginald Norrington Jackson III
I was initially quite shocked when Queen Barbie originally asked me to write this Bestiary. Even as skilled as I am, being personally sought out by the queen of the land is still quite the pleasant surprise. As it turns out, the magical happenings that accompanied not only the wars long past but also Queen Barbie’s rise to power have left many of our existing bestiaries ill-equipped to inform townsfolk and adventurers alike of just what dangers exist out in the world. It is my hope that the content held within is at least of some worth to everyone, aiding in the avoidance (or seeking out, if that’s your cup of tea) of the most dangerous and bizarre beings of our time.
Cheers, and happy questing.
-  Reginald Norrington Jackson III
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Melody and Rarity by Melkorios
Mature content
Melody and Rarity :iconmelkorios:Melkorios 35 2
Sin Bikini Pageant by Melkorios
Mature content
Sin Bikini Pageant :iconmelkorios:Melkorios 20 3
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Sketcharamus :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 307 7
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Bust Of The Irish :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 257 5
Bwoompadoomp by LakeHylia
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Bwoompadoomp :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 302 5
SkittchaSketch by LakeHylia
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SkittchaSketch :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 321 5
TOPPY'S 44 SEXY GHOULS OF THE NIGHT 33 by ShoNuff44 TOPPY'S 44 SEXY GHOULS OF THE NIGHT 33 :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 155 16 Melody as Bunny Lana Coloured by OneMessedUpHero Melody as Bunny Lana Coloured :icononemesseduphero:OneMessedUpHero 7 3 Melody as Bunny Lana by OneMessedUpHero Melody as Bunny Lana :icononemesseduphero:OneMessedUpHero 4 3 [COMM] Gardevoiring The Pokemon Center by runningtoaster [COMM] Gardevoiring The Pokemon Center :iconrunningtoaster:runningtoaster 69 8 Hair Today, More Tomorrow by SutibaruArt Hair Today, More Tomorrow :iconsutibaruart:SutibaruArt 136 16 Melody Ditto (Shiny) by redryan2009 Melody Ditto (Shiny) :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 28 0 Team Melody by redryan2009 Team Melody :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 42 5 Rebecca Tsareena by redryan2009 Rebecca Tsareena :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 38 5 Daisy Lopunny by redryan2009 Daisy Lopunny :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 38 3 Haley Mismagius by redryan2009 Haley Mismagius :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 46 3 Yuki Ninetales by redryan2009 Yuki Ninetales :iconredryan2009:redryan2009 31 3


Here we go, my female self Melody, dressed up as the mistress of the night herself for :iconshonuff44:'s event…

I'm quite proud of myself with this one as, while it's a simpler pic, I think this is one of the few times that I feel like I did a good job with the pose, and this is rather different from my typical front-faced affairs. 

Nonetheless, enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween all you little devils out there. ;)
Melody Inkling
My entry into the splatoon group pic being held by :iconthe-tg-society:, namely being myself tged as an inkling / Melody as an Inkling, and using my beloved weapon of choice, the Heavy Splatling. I tried to make her outfit based off of her usual clothes, but with a Splatoon touch, 
EDIT: Stage 4 has been posted and linked. Go ahead over there and put in suggestions for changes you would like. Again, please follow the rules and try to make suggestions that have not already been made, more suggestions for the same thing won't necessarily make them more likely to be chosen. Don't suggest outfits because there's VERY little chance one's going to be chosen now that I have one. 

So I'm the latest participant (Victim?) of :iconakuoreo:'s Fans Choose the TF! series. 

Go ahead and shuffle on over to the second page here and make a suggestion for what change you'd like to see happen to me.

Just as a personal favor to me... please please PLEASE follow the rules she has set in the comments of that pic. The last thing I need is for people to go against the rules and frustrate her on my account.
I'm going to edit this journal as each new piece comes out, so if you'd like, feel free to make suggestions on each step as they're released. 

Fans Choose the TF!: Melkorios p1 by AkuOreo

Fans Choose the TF!: Melkorios p2 by AkuOreo

Fans Choose the TF!: Melkorios p3 by AkuOreo

Fans Choose the TF!: Melkorios p4 by AkuOreo
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